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Beautiful Words! May 4, 2011

Posted by sant007 in Entairtainment, Inspiration, Life.

1) Victory is neither imaginative nor impossible to achieve. It’s just the taste of mind…..If you really have a mindset to win, you just can’t loose.

 2) Never ever run away from problems, because a problem gives dual advice….one we can know how to solve it., and second how to avoid it in future.

 3) We are tourist in this WORLD & GOD is our travel agent. Our entire route, Reservation and destinations have been already fixed by GOD. So trust him and enjoy the tour.

 4) Beautiful Words! “Prayer is not an attempt to change the god’s mind but it’s an attempt to let god change our mind”

 5) Positive Message “Life is a book of mysteries .You never knows which page will bring a good twist. So keep on reading because happiness comes suddenly.

 6) Nice Quote ” When I am defeated I never wait for someone to help me because world may not show me the correct person but my mirror always does” Trust yourself….

 7) When you don’t have faith in yourself, then you cannot have faith in others also. To cross a bridge you have to trust on your legs first and then the bridge.



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