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True Lines May 15, 2011

Posted by sant007 in Enjoy, Happiness, Inspiration, Life.

1) Two things to be learn from a child

1) To be happy for no reason.

2) To be always busy doing something. Never loose a child inside you.

2) All successful and unsuccessful people have one thing common…”24 HOURS A  DAY” it’s             how you use them that are making the difference.

3) Keep your Thoughts positive, they becomes words. Keep your words positive, they

Become actions. Keep actions positive they become your destiny.

4) A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.

5) True lines “Don’t be upset if you choose wrong people some times because without choosing       them you will never know the true value of the right ones.

6) Mathematics may not teach us how to add love or how to minus hate…..but it gives us at             least one great hope that, every problem has a solution.

7) Pearl of the day. It takes less time to rectify a mistake than to justify it.



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